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Raspberry Tiramisu

A healthy twist to the classic Italian dessert for the whole family to enjoy. Make ahead so that the sponge fingers soften with the juices. Use tinned or frozen fruit to make this lovely dessert this Christmas and New Year.




Serving bowls

200ml   Greek style natural yoghurt

Measuring cup

100g     soft cheese (like Philadelphia)


12 boudoir fingers


1 tsp  Vanilla extract

Mixing bowl

4 tsp  caster sugar


40g   dark chocolate sauce


2 tins   290g raspberries in juice

200g     fresh/frozen  raspberries)   


Little cocoa for dusting


First wash your hands and put an apron on.

In a bowl, beat the yoghurt and soft cheese together with the vanilla extract and caster sugar.

Place sponge fingers along the bottom of the bowl and layer with some raspberries and juice. (If using fresh then squash them to release the juice).

Now drizzle with some chocolate sauce before spooning over half the yoghurt and cheese mix.

Next place more sponge fingers on top and more raspberries and juice. (If using fresh raspberries then you could reserve some to decorate the top ) Drizzle the top again with some chocolate sauce.

Spoon over the remaining yoghurt and cheese mix and finally top with a dusting of cocoa and fresh raspberries if you have some.

Chill before serving.

(The fruit and the sponge fingers have sugar in them so we only need a little additional sugar)

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